Guidelines for International Research Grant by MGES

About MGES: Maya Global Education Society (MGES) is an Indian autonomous emerging confluence of academicians to cater to challenges in the educational and research domain in the post-pandemic world. Our core activity is developing an online research-based education and training system to support each part of society irrespective of their economic status. MGES also supports researchers by training and publication in high-quality ebooks and journals. 

About the Grant:  MGES is announcing an International Research Grant for the researchers of developing countries (Low income and lower-middle income category as per World Bank classification). It is a micro research grant ranging from 50-150 USD for three to four months duration. In the academic year, 2022-23 total of FIFTY grants will be awarded in all 5 categories. (10 grants in each category). It will help in improving the research publication profile of researchers and Universities. This grant can be utilized for the purchase of stationery and research tools, and to cover the honorarium for the research team.

We offer grants under the following broad areas of research:

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Engineering and Technology
  3. Tourism and Hospitality 
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurial Research
  5. Green Chemistry and Technology Research

Objectives: To provide an opportunity to young researchers especially students to pursue active research in their respective fields of specialization with no global boundaries. 

Expected Outcome: After successfully completing the project:

  • A detailed research report with necessary data, reviews, discussions, and references must be presented to the MGES Editorial board. 
  • The team and institution can publish this success in local newspapers and social media with due weightage to MGES. 
  • MGES and the research team will be the joint copyright holders. 
  • The report will be published in a form of a research article in the suitable journal of MGES. 

Target Group and Eligibility: 

  • Students enrolled in Post Graduation/Ph.D. programs and their academic supervisors in low-income and lower-middle-income countries (as per World Bank classification) shall be eligible to apply for this grant. 
  • No extension under this program is permissible and hence the proposal should be well defined with a time-bound action plan so that it is completed within the prescribed tenure.

Procedure for Applying Grant: Applications are invited online. [Application Form] A notification shall be published on our website.

  • Candidates have to apply strictly as per the instructions given in the online portal. Any incomplete application will not be considered. 
  • In the case of multiple applications, the latest will be considered.

Selection procedure for Grant:

  • Grant will be awarded based on the approval of the Expert Committee established by the MGES for the purpose. 
  • Based on the quality of the proposal, an online interview will be conducted for final selection.
  • Selected researchers will be informed via email and names will be displayed on our websites. 

Procedure for Release of Grant:

After the final selection of the project, MGES and Principal Investigator will fix a mechanism for disbursal of the grant on mutual understanding. It is required due to different financial laws in various countries.


Grant Notification released on 16th September 2022, submit the application before 20th October 2022, notification for selection between 20th-30th November 2022. 

Cancellation of Award:

The grant is liable to be canceled in the following cases: 

  • If the awardee is found to be ineligible to receive the award, at any point time during the entire duration of the fellowship. 
  • Any false information furnished by the applicant.
  • Misconduct and unethical practices followed by the applicant.
  • Unsatisfactory progress of research work of the applicant

Disputes & Litigations:

  • The grant is subject to MGES guidelines and will be effective only after the approval of the committee. 
  • The MGES reserves the right to withdraw/cancel the grant without assigning any reason.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the MGES committee will be final.  

Contact Dr. Jenny Hope at for any query or assistance.