Original and review research articles are invited on the hot topics in tourism research including:

  1. Sustainable Tourism: With increasing concerns about climate change and the impact of tourism on the environment, sustainable tourism has become a key focus in research. This includes topics such as eco-tourism, responsible tourism, and green tourism.

  2. Technology and Tourism: The use of technology in tourism has been growing rapidly, from virtual reality tours to mobile apps that enhance the visitor experience. Research is exploring how technology can be used to improve tourism operations, marketing, and customer engagement.

  3. Tourism and Cultural Heritage: The preservation and promotion of cultural heritage has become an important topic in tourism research. This includes the role of tourism in supporting cultural heritage sites, as well as the potential negative impacts of tourism on cultural heritage.

  4. Tourism and Economic Development: Tourism is often seen as a potential driver of economic development, particularly in developing countries. Research is exploring the linkages between tourism and economic development, as well as the potential challenges and risks.

  5. Tourism and Health: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and safety in tourism. Research is exploring how tourism can be made safer and more resilient, as well as the potential impacts of tourism on public health.

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