Green Chemistry & Technology Letters aims to publish the latest research, reviews, scientific commentary, book reviews, and developments in various domains of green chemistry, green technologies, and related education and government policies in the following two sections:

Section A: Green Chemistry: This section aims to publish original research and reviews related to 12 principles of Green Chemistry namely Prevention, Atom economy, Less hazard, Safer chemicals, Safer solvents, Energy efficiency, Renewable feedstocks, Reduce derivatives, Smart catalysis, Degradable design, Real-time analysis for pollution prevention, Hazard and accident prevention. 

Section B: Green Technologies: This section welcomes research articles in the domain of green engineering & technologies that utilize principles of green chemistry in wastewater treatment, waste management, air, water, soil, food, medicine quality monitoring, and treatment. This section is proudly inspired by the Sandestin Declaration: 9 Principles of Green Engineering.

Journal encourages researchers to publish new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, and even failed and negative results


Readership of this journal consists of faculties, researchers, employees, graduate and postgraduate students of universities, Higher Education Institutions, and research labs.

The content of this journal also attracts the general public who wishes to read and use the latest, updated and authentic research results in green chemistry, green engineering, and technology across the globe. 

Who Can Submit Articles

  • Industry & Academic Researchers
  • PhD / D.Phil / M.Phil students 
  • Conferences & Seminars Organizers
  • Policy Makers
  • Government Departments