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Purpose of the study: This study seeks to examine the relationship between brand image and price perception, and how these factors influence the intent to purchase wedding packages at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, within the domestic market.

Methodology: Using a purposive accidental sampling method, the research involved 100 respondents. Data was gathered through structured questionnaires employing a Likert scale across 19 and 12 statement items. Analytical techniques included classical assumption tests, multiple linear regression, t-tests, f-tests, and the coefficient of determination, with the aid of the SPSS 26 software for Windows.

Main Findings: Evidence from the data underscores a notable influence of both brand image and price perception on purchase intentions. The calculated values revealed tcount> ttable value of 2.027 > 1.984 and fcount > ftable value of 74.566 > 3.09, both surpassing their respective thresholds. Notably, the combined effect of brand image and price perception accounted for 60.6% of the variation in purchase intention.

Applications of the study: The findings hold relevance for professionals in the luxury hospitality sector, particularly those in hotel management and wedding planning in Bali. The insights provide valuable perspectives on domestic guest preferences and decision-making processes.

Novelty/Originality of the study: This research contributes a refined understanding of the interplay between brand image and price perception in the context of luxury wedding planning in Bali. It serves as a bridge between theoretical constructs and practical implications, enhancing the existing body of knowledge on guest behavior in upscale hospitality settings.


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Permathaswari, G. K. D., & Pitanatri, P. D. S. (2023). From ’I Do’ to ’How Much?’: Exploring Brand Image and Price Perceptions in Bali’s Luxury Weddings. International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Reviews, 10(2), 33–41.


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