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Object: To provide a platform to Vice Chancellors, Educational Administrators, College Principals, Deans, Professors, Readers, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Scientists, Environmentalist, Researchers, Young scientists and Post Graduate Students to disseminate knowledge related to Ecotourism & Environment. 

Theme: To take some positive steps towards improving our Ecotourism & Environment for future generation. 

Goal: The moral obligation to act sustainably as an obligation to protect the natural processes that form the context of human life and culture, emphasizing those large biotic and abiotic systems essential to human life, health, and flourishing culture. Ecotourism and Environment, which are understood as dynamic, self-organizing systems humans have evolved within, must remain 'healthy' if humans are to thrive. The principal goal of this conference will be to present some of the latest outstanding breakthroughs in Ecotourism and Environment, to bring together both young and experienced scientists from all regions of the world, and to open up avenues for research collaborations at regional and global level. 

The general topics covered in conference will be as under:

Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism. Ecosystem: Aquatic, Terrestrial and Areal ecosystem, Ecology, Ecosystem and its conservation measure.  Wildlife: Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation, Endangered, Threatened and Endemic Species Conservation, Strategy for wildlife conservation.

National and World Heritage: Heritage and Tourism, Importance of tourist, Tourist need, Eco-Tourism. 

Technological Approach for sustainable development: Method and Technique for Ecotourism and Environment management, Bio-indicator, Application of bio-technology, Rural bio-technology, Tools and technique, Bio-markers, Climate change and Ecosystem management. Role of N.G.O. for Ecotourism, Environment, Wildlife and Heritage conservation 

The general topics covered in the conference: Research Needs in Ecotourism, Research Needs in Environment conservation, Action plane for Ecotourism and Environment, Policy in Ecotourism and Environment conservation, Sustainable Ecotourism Development, Guide and Ecotourism, Role of NGO in Ecotourism, Community based Ecotourism, Role of Biodiversity in Ecotourism, Needs of Stakeholders for Ecotourism, International and National Heritage conservation, Assessment of Environmental impacts of Ecotourism, The Existing Knowledge of Ecotourism, Biological and Ecological Impact of Tourism, Pollution in Tourism area, Environmental study of Tourism area, Natural resource management, Wildlife and Forest conservation, Technological Approach Lab to Land.


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