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Purpose of study: Educational tourism is one of the best ways to help students and adults to gain a good perspective around the world. In Egypt, there are some challenges facing international students to study in Egypt as well as the absence of academic or formal studies to assess the role of educational tourism in Egypt so far. This research aims to evaluate educational tourism in Egypt.

Methodology: through a critical study of the researcher based on work experience and responsibility for international students, as well as in light of international experiences of educational tourism.

Main findings:  Among the important results highlighted by the study are that the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt has a new vision for educational tourism through which it seeks to attract more international students to study in Egypt and the medical sector has acquired a large proportion of international students.

Limitations: There is no current specific information gained by higher education experts or responsibility, so the researcher depends on his own review of available limited published information and his own work responsibility.

Originality of study and implications: The study provides some recommendations, including increasing the proportion of joint academic programs with international universities, and granting incentives and benefits to tourism companies that provide educational tourism services and facilities.


Educational Tourism International Students Egypt Competitiveness

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Abdelnabi Hassanein Attaalla, F. (2020). EDUCATIONAL TOURISM AS A TOOL TO INCREASE THE COMPETITIVENESS OF EDUCATION IN EGYPT: A CRITICAL STUDY. International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Reviews, 7(1), 58-65.


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