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Nowadays, cities are engaging in Marketing and City Branding to improve their image internationally in order to become more attractive for: tourists, investors, and students. They are trying to create a city brand to manage their reputation and enhance its local, regional and global awareness and position among the other cities.

But however, before they create a city brand, they must identify their attractiveness and know how the outside eye sees them whether a city is looking to rebuild, enhance or reinvigorate this image, and it must comprehend what a city branding means. In this paper, we aim to identify the meaning of city branding, after that we are going to deal with a case study that concerns Setif city.

A quantitative study has been done to know how this city does appear in order to make propositions for it, to create a city brand and manage its image and reputation, but before that, we try to identify its attractiveness to know if it is compatible with that’s perceived image.


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Sabah, H. (2016). SETIF AS A CITY BRAND. International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Reviews, 3(1), 21–29.


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