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International Journal of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Research [eISSN 2395-7662] aims to publish original research, reviews, case studies, book reviews, scientific commentary, etc. on recent development in business, innovation, & entrepreneurial research, and management.

We encourage cross country, cross disciplines work as well as new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, and failed and negative results. IJMIER publishes two issues in a year. (January, July)

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A book review provides valuable insights and critical evaluation of a book, helping readers make informed decisions about what to read and offering authors feedback on their work. It serves as a guide, sparking discussions, expanding knowledge, and fostering a vibrant literary community.

We are delighted to invite you to contribute a book review within the journal's aim and scope.

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Volume 9, Number : 2
July 5, 2023
Current Issue

Vol. 10 No. 1 (2024)

Published: March 29, 2024

Navigating Oman’s Digital Landscape: The Impact of Demographics on SME Marketing

23-34 Joshy Mathew, Shantanu Shekhar, Kumaresan Chandrasekaran, Simi Simon

Nutritional Analysis and Economic Viability of Fried Ube Noodles: A Comprehensive Study

10-18 Joshua B. Español, Jade Diane A. Español, John Paul De Vera, Jonathan N. Tariga, Marie Ann Tacadena

Location and Price Dynamics Impact on Purchase Intentions: A Case of Bali

01-09 Putu Diah Sastri Pitanatri, I Gde Pitana
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