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Assessments of naturally occurring radionuclides in soil collected from a tropical rainforest forest of western Ghats, India were conducted. These radionuclides were distributed unevenly in the forest soil. For all soil samples, the terrestrial gamma dose rate and the corresponding outdoor annual effective dose equivalents were evaluated. The activity concentration of 232Th and average outdoor gamma dose rates were found to be higher than the global average which appears to affects Western Ghats environment in general, the radiological hazard indices were found to be within the International Commission on Radiological Protection recommended limits. Hence, obtained results for natural radionuclides in the forest soils were within the range specified by UNSCEAR (2000) report for virgin soils except 232Th.


Naturally occurring radionuclides Western Ghats Monazite radiological hazard.

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Manigandan, P. K., & Natrajan, K. K. . (2015). Activity Concentrations of Natural Radionuclides in Soils of Rainforest Sites in Western Ghats. International Journal of Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 2(3), 103–108.


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