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International Journal of Students' Research in Technology & Management [eISSN 2321-2543] is a special journal of its kind in publishing the original research, reviews, scientific commentaries, case studies of researchers of the technology & management domain. IJSRTM started publication in 2013. 

Journal also encourages researchers to publish new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, and even failed and negative results. IJSRTM published 4 issues in a year in January, April, July, October. 

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Vol. 9 No. 4 (2021)

Published: Dec 1, 2021

Role of an architect in projects involving EPC contracts

01-15 Adyathan Dasyapu, Greeshmika Nagubilli, Jayanth V Kutcharlapati, Hari Prasad Guntuku, Shruti S Nagdeve

Architect’s Role under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016

16-26 Anurag Saini, Suraj Suresh Daddera, Devjanee Mondal, Rohin Sikka, Shruti S Nagdeve

Prospects for architects in the Government Sector

27-39 Disha Garg, Kartik Sharma, Parul Nayar, Shubhi Goyal, Shruti S Nagdeve

Client expectations in the purview of architecture

40-53 Oorja Arora, Shiba Das, Shruthi Siva E S, Saaral A S, Shruti Nagdeve
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