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International Journal of Students' Research in Technology & Management [eISSN 2321-2543] is a special journal of its kind in publishing the original research, reviews, scientific commentaries, case studies of researchers of the technology & management domain. IJSRTM started publication in 2013. 

Journal also encourages researchers to publish new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, and even failed and negative results. IJSRTM published 4 issues in a year in January, April, July, October. 

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Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022)

Published: Apr 5, 2022

Latest Trends on Ammonia Extraction

A Detailed Review of Ten Current Literatures

10-22 Kothar Al Qarni, Mira Al Balushi, Musallam Al Mahri, Priy Brat Dwivedi
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