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Purpose of the study:  To develop (λ, μ) - anti fuzzy subgroup of a group.

Methodology:  The fundamental idea of (λ, μ) - anti fuzzy subgroup to create a    (λ, μ)- multi anti fuzzy subgroup.

Main Findings:  (λ, μ) – multi anti fuzzy cosets of a group.

Applications of this study:  The advancement of the theory of a group's multiple fuzzy subgroups.

Novelty/Originality of this study:  The concept of (λ, μ) - multi anti fuzzy cosets of a group has been defined, and various associated theorems have been demonstrated using examples.


(λ,μ)-Multi Anti Fuzzy Subgroup ((λ,μ)- MAFSG) (λ,μ)-Multi Anti Fuzzy Set((λ,μ)-MAFS) (λ,μ)-Multi Anti Fuzzy Normal Subgroup ((λ,μ)-MAFNSG)

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Balasubramanian, K., & Revathy, R. (2022). (λ,μ)-Multi Anti Fuzzy subgroup of a group. International Journal of Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 10(3), 25-33.


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