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Purpose of the study: The number one killer, cardiovascular disease, has sharply increased in recent years. For early diagnosis and prevention, continuous cardiac monitoring is crucial, and flexible, stretchable electronic devices have become essential instruments to record cardiac activity. Bioelectronics has greatly improved from recent developments in soft, ultrathin bioelectronics that have been made possible by breakthroughs in soft materials and novel device designs.

Methodology: This study focuses on flexible and stretchable materials as well as design strategies for current developments in soft electronics-based wearable and implantable devices for cardiac monitoring.

Main Findings: The mechanical deformability in soft bioelectronics has enabled researchers to obtain high-quality bio-signals and reduce long-term negative effects in vivo. They provide close, long-term integration with cardiac tissues due to their thin and soft characteristics, allowing for continuous, high-quality, and wide coverage in cardiac monitoring.

Applications of this study: This review is anticipated to provide timely and significant information for prospective audiences in the fields of material science and biomedical engineering, who seek a concise summary of key technologies, as well as biomedical fields who may be interested in the clinical implications of soft bioelectronics for cardiac healthcare.

Novelty/Originality of this study: The materials, fabrication techniques, and device designs for flexible and stretchable electronics are reviewed with a particular emphasis on flexible and soft materials.


Soft Bioelectronics Cardiovascular Healthcare Wearable and Implantable Device Cardiac Monitoring Flexible and Stretchable Materials

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Sung, M. (2023). A Review of Soft Electronic Devices Based on Flexible and Stretchable Materials for Cardiac Monitoring. International Journal of Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 11(1), 15–22.


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