Maya Global Education Society is an emerging confluence of academicians to cater to challenges in the educational and research domain in the post-pandemic world. Inclusiveness is our core philosophy and readership, authenticity, and innovation are three elements of our operating philosophy.
MGES is by academicians for academicians.
Our core activity is developing an online research-based education and training system that will reach all parts of society irrespective of their economic status.
* Training to academicians, on tools and systems to improve students' engagement in an online environment.
* Training to early researchers on research tools, software, and methodology.
* Training to early professionals and graduates to meet the skills demand of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (based on World Economic Forum suggestions).
* Publication of open-access research journals and books.
* Distribution of scholarly content to Universities and higher education institutions.

Core Team

Chairperson: Mrs Maya Dwivedi

MD & CEO: Mrs Rajni Dwivedi

Director (IT): Mr Kautilya Sharma

Director (Legal): Jay Brat Dwivedi

Director (Ethics): Dr Jessica Ong Hai Liaw