Respected Friends, Ramadan Kareem   Hereby I am providing a list of 15 courses on Quantitative Research by top-class universities across the globe. You can share with colleagues and students.  You can choose a free/paid option after enrollment. Here is the list: 
 1. Harvard - Quantitative Methods for Biology (FREE audit):
 2. University of Amsterdam - Quantitative Methods (FREE audit):
 3. Harvard - Statistics and R (FREE audit):
 4. Harvard - R Basics (FREE audit):
 5. NUS- Quantitative (and Qualitative) Research for Beginners. (FREE audit):
 6. Wharton - UPenn - Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling:
 7. Harvard - Data Wrangling (FREE audit):
 8. Harvard - Linear Regression (FREE audit):
 9. Harvard - Inference and Modelling (FREE audit):
10. Harvard- Probability (FREE audit):
11. UC Davis - Quantitative Research (FREE audit):
12. Johns Hopkins - Advanced Statistics for Data Science Specialization (FREE audit):
13. Johns Hopkins - Biostatistics in Public Health Specialization (FREE audit):
14. RICE- Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel (FREE audit):
15. Imperial College London - Data Analysis Essentials (FREE audit):